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Opportunities That Matter For Your Business


Convert your sunk cost into new revenue

Businesses are never always sold out. They have products that are paid for but not sold. Services and excess capacity that remains unsold yet costs to manage.

At BizX, we identify fresh remarketing opportunities, new customers and unexplored markets for these underutilized products and services.

The new revenue generated via BizX in the process is utilized by the businesses to offset cash outflow on purchases made through BizX as and when required.

Cash Flow

Pay with your products and services, save your cash outflow.

Businesses pay for purchases in - CASH. At BizX, it’s the other way around. We actually help businesses save as much possible Cash Outflow on purchases.

Smart businesses prioritize to make various purchases from BizX as we accept up to 100% payment – as Barter Credit from your businesses.

Save cash, get a virtual credit line, make a guaranteed sale and get new customers when BizX remarkets your products and services – All in One.


Get better value for your goods and services

Businesses do realize that almost every product or service depreciates in value every day. Some are just capacities which are again perishable.

BizX agrees to buy a fixed quantity of such goods and services at full book value or initial market value. Method of payment is a credit note from BizX to the business.

Businesses receive better revenue and value generation as a result. They use the credit note to offset partial or full cash outflow on purchases made through BizX.


New set of loyal customers and suppliers

At BizX, 100’s of businesses are engaged with us. This creates a cluster of opportunities for the businesses that work with us.

As a result, every business is a loyal vendor as well as a customer who prefers to buy from within the network businesses by using BizX barter network currency called BizX credits.

With BizX, everyone enjoys great freedom – you can sell to anyone who is not buying from you and buy from anyone not selling to you currently in our network.


New marketing and communities for your business.

B2C brands like new marketing channels and partnerships that help them reach new customers and enhance the value preposition for their existing customers.

BizX is your partner in this pursuit. We represent multiple brands, events and loyalty programs include that can provide you with a captive set of consumers.

We are channel partners for Etihad Guest – the loyalty program of Etihad Airways, Air Rewards – the loyalty program of Air Arabia, Smiles – by Etisalat and Intermiles Loyalty program.


Sell excess without liquidating your brand value

Outgoing model, old design, obsolete technology or change in fashion. This continuously leaves business with stocks, inventory and capacity that is low in demand.

BizX helps businesses liquidate such inventories on barter terms and within the brand guidelines, restrictions and limitations that the business may.

Our transparent process assures peace of mind. Barter value generated is utilized by businesses to offset cash cost on purchases made via BizX.