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Our customized monetization and procurement solutions help you trade your available inventory and stocks to offset your advertising, marketing, events, activation, signage, gifting, electronics and many other expenses which you otherwise settle in cash.

Why - Be it a dealer or manufacturer, each Car business is facing a new challenge every day. It’s just not about the product, brand, quality, specifications, stocks, service quality and new competition. Technology is the big disruptor and Public transport systems are improving.

The business of mobility is always changing and even with best of the planning; car businesses are constantly struggling to move historic volumes. This puts immense pressure on automobile businesses, their revenues, spending power, cash flows and large fixed expenses.

Luxury Goods

At BizX, we agree with luxury brands like you to buy a fixed quantity of inventory and remarket these goods as per brand guidelines and restrictions. Your business utilizes the value generated against these goods to activate various marketing, sponsorship, media and advertising related solutions via BizX.

Why - The world of luxury goods is very unique in its nature. Even though the best of brands command lot of value yet they are constantly under pressure to bring out new range of products every season and forced to liquidate the unsold stock at the same time.

Needless to say, this creates a challenge to push every piece out so that they can bring in fresh stocks in the store. As a result, even some of the best luxury and fashion brands are forced to go on sale, promotions and heavy discounts.

Airlines, Travel, Hospitality, F&B

With BizX, Airlines have purchased media, electronics and hosted corporate events in exchange of credit to book seats. Water Parks and Hotels have paid for millions of dirham worth of advertising with room nights, water park tickets, f&b, events and spa services. Restaurants owners like you are able to afford more media and marketing by contributing gift vouchers.

Why - Services are usually perishable. Airlines cannot stop the unsold seats from going empty. Hotels cannot store their room nights which remain unsold. Restaurants have to cook large quantities of fresh food every day and throw what is unsold if not consumed.

The large fixed and sunk costs for these businesses are already committed irrespective of them selling all of it or not. They strive to utilize the available perishable capacity and minimize the loss of opportunity. These businesses usually have low incremental costs to serve one more customer.


BizX will take over some of the mortgaged collateral assets from the bank at full book value and settles payment in the form of a credit note from BizX to the bank. Bank can utilize a blend of this credit note and cash to make various purchases through BizX which even otherwise would have been made using hard cash.

Why - Mortgages and loans are everyday business for banks. Be it consumer loans or be it business finance, banks are always lending based on the value of the attached asset. Not all of these lending transactions make money for the bank.

Many times, banks are forced to take over assets when the debt is not paid. At times, the residual value of such assets is lower than the mortgage value. Typical case is real estate and luxury cars. Banks lose sizable capital in such cases in liquidation process.

Real Estate

Real Estate businesses benefit by pushing a part of their available inventory through BizX to new set of customers in exchange of other products and services which they otherwise still buy and pay Cash. This could be advertising, fleet solutions, activations, events, sponsorships to name a few.

Why - Be it a developer of commercial or residential real estate or holding company of shopping malls; All of them invest lot of cash upfront to acquire, construct, promote and advertise the property being developed.

The average unsold and unoccupied space still costs the business. It could be mortgage payments, cost of maintenance and upkeep, advertising and many other expenses which still have to be paid irrespective of the occupancy.

Marketing Communication

At BizX, we work with Out of home, in-mall branding and activations, newspapers, cinemas, tv stations, digital platforms, websites, direct marketing companies, events, arenas, to improve their monetization by promoting their business aggressively to new customers.

Why - Out of Home media and even digital media platforms stand with large sunk costs and yet they have capacity that dies every second it is unsold. Print media continues to struggle. Radio stations continue to be challenged by excessive competition within the format.

TV stations and Cinemas are challenged by Netflix and Starzplay. Google, Instagram, Snap Chat, Tik Tok, Linked In, Facebook, Live Web Streaming services and various other digital eco systems are also not completely monetized all the time.


With our vast network of businesses, we identify incremental capacity utilization and monetization solutions that help generate more value for these businesses from the available capacity and opportunity.

Why - Business landscape is changing. Logistics, storage, courier and distribution businesses are not immune to tech-oriented consolidator businesses that are utilizing digital platforms to combine capacities and create unique efficiencies.

This obviously challenges the historical businesses that are very asset heavy, have large fixed and sunk costs. Also, with the advent of tech; there is an oversupply and cutthroat competition amongst even the tech enabled businesses who may not be making any profits.


As each business grows and as they become larger; they also create huge fixed costs with them. A large portion of these are sunk costs which are already paid irrespective of how much they monetize. Over and above, they have huge operating and marketing costs which are again cash expenses.

At the same time, these businesses face extreme competition amongst each other as new brands enter as well as new channels, destinations and new markets that are opening every day. Regional consumer spending power also depends a lot on the oil revenues and the related government spending power which also automatically creates massive fluctuations in the market.

Large shopping malls, entertainment parks, e-commerce platforms and more – all of them have and continue to trust BizX to not only create and deliver highly effective media and marketing communication plans but also help them save cash, create new revenue, incremental customer inflow and innovative trade exchange payment solutions at the same time.

IT, Software, Technology

BizX understands that a software can be sold to more businesses. Unsold cloud space related capacity can be converted into new customers and revenue. Tech platforms like Ariba and other SAP or IBM products can be further monetized by engaging with a new set of customers.

Why - Amazon offers cloud storage, so does Microsoft and so do others. It could be CRM, ERP, Project Management, Procurement, Marketing Automation, Data Management or anything else. They are competing in the same space for the same customers.

Majority of these businesses have available expertise, capacity or tech that has been already paid for to develop. They can always sell more and more. At the same time, lot of it is perishable and may even become obsolete tonight.

Soups to Nuts

At BizX, we work with 100’s of businesses – of various type and sizes. These could be potential customers for your business or some of them can also become new vendors that you could buy from. In return, you can also get what you need. Try us before you say no.

Why - You may be selling office furniture, or you may be into business machines or office supplies like water, stationery or you are into construction materials or into interior fit out. One thing is for sure, you are always looking for new customers, large corporate and institutional accounts that are always illusive and difficult to break into.

At the same time, you have to constantly invest in manufacturing new products, manage changing technologies or designs, hold stocks, invest in large storage, distribution and logistics processes. Sales, marketing, operational costs and above all the competition are further burgeoning factors which continue to push your business.